Social Media Analysis of Turkish TV Show Mystery: Who Shot Ferhat?

Crimson Hexagon’s social media analysis technology provides insight into popular Turkish TV show’s cliffhanger.

Kuzey and Guney
When a major character was killed at the end of a recent episode of Turkish television show Kuzey and Guney, loosely based on Rich Man Poor Man and broadcast on the popular Kanal D channel, the following episode focused on developing the mystery surrounding his murder.
Clues were revealed implicating many of the show’s characters, creating intense online speculation about the murderer from the Balkans to Dubai among the show’s devoted fan base. The sensation was perhaps not at the scale of the popular US drama Dallas‘ “Who shot J.R?”phenomenon, but was big enough to push some of the TV series’ hashtags to the top of worldwide trending hashtag list at Twitter. More than 30,000 tweets were posted online within a couple of hours after the episode aired.
We utilized Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight social media analysis platform to demonstrate the language agnostic nature of our technology by tracking what the fans thought about the “Who Shot Ferhat?” In comparison to Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, Crimson Hexagon’s algorithms do not require an intimate understanding of different languages. Instead, it relies on identifying statistical patterns within posts to track the proportions of conversations.
Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight platform showed that Guney seems to be the fan favorite as the killer. Sami, Guney’s father, was fans’ clear second choice until the last episode when he lost his place to Burak when further evidence was revealed. Zeynep has also risen in the social media conversation as an accomplice of Burak.
Fans also took advantage of the trending hashtags to jokingly implicate real-life public figures, including Ali Agaoglu, a billionaire developer whose latest construction plan near Fatih Forests drew widespread criticism on social media.
Who Shot FerhatIf social media existed back in 80s, perhaps J.R.’s mistress would have been implicated much earlier through the collective wisdom of the viewers.
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