Social Media Analysis Shows Romney Maintains Momentum After Final Debate

Despite Impressive Performance by Obama, the Presidential Race Remains Close

President Obama and Governor Romney arrived at the third debate hoping for a “tie-breaking” and “winning” performance. However, social media analysis conducted by Crimson Hexagon, showed that the debate failed to resolve the question of whose performance dominated the debate series.
President Obama looked to justify his foreign policy record, defending our nation’s engagements in the Middle East and committing to a withdrawal, while Governor Romney, agreed with the president on many points, thereby withholding the vigorous opposition necessary for debate and making the task of debating difficult for the incumbent.

Despite being the least tweeted of the three debates, Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight™ platform monitored a conversation on Twitter of 3,190,122 final presidential debate opinions.  In this conversation, we find agreement with the prevailing opinion of politicos and pundits that each candidate displayed strengths as well as weaknesses in the final debate.
Viewers using social media took notice of President Obama’s markedly improved performance, 35%, claiming he appeared confident and collected in his exchanges with the former governor. 5% viewed Romney’s performance as a means for the candidate to articulate his message to the American electorate, while only 1% of the conversation found remarkable agreement between the positions Romney laid out and the President’s track record and approach. 4% felt Romney was contradicted himself during the debate, and Obama’s direction for the country was viewed favorably in 7% of the conversation.

With the focus of the debate on foreign policy, much of the conversation on Twitter likewise centered around security and overseas concerns. 24% of the conversation was skeptical of Romney’s foreign policy, citing Obama’s remarks regarding the 1980s wanting their policy back and the aforementioned “horses and bayonets”. Notably, the conversation regarding the President’s domestic and foreign policy failures comes in at 24%, setting him even with Governor Romney.
Crimson Hexagon’s social media analysis of the conversation on Twitter indicates that with less than three weeks until the general election, the coveted “undecided” voter did not have much differentiation to go on in the last debate. How will the candidates work to differentiate their messages and their candidates in these final weeks?
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