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From CNN and the Wall Street Journal to the Huffington Post and Mashable, social media sources like Twitter and Facebook aren’t just in the news, they’re making the news – literally. It used to be that Twitter and Facebook were the stories (the imminent ‘social network’ movie notwithstanding), but now social media sources like the millions of Tweets posted each day are being mined for the actual news, trends and opinions that are becoming significant social, political and business headlines.
Today (right now) leading media organizations, such as CNN and many others, are looking to technologies like Crimson Hexagon and others to mine and analyze billions of individual opinions expressed on Twitter and other social media sources to help create important national and local stories. Several high-profile broadcast and online stories have already been driven by social media opinion analysis, including real-time reaction to President Obama’s televised speeches, key local and national legislative rulings related to gay marriage and immigration, and the electoratesí perception of the ongoing jousting between the political parties.
In fact, in a recent feature published by industry trade publication Broadcasting & Cable, David Bohrman, CNN’s senior VP and Washington, D.C., bureau chief, noted that CNN is looking to break new ground in its use of social media, as it did in 2006, when it brought a group of prominent bloggers together to cover those midterms. This time around for its coverage of the midterm elections, CNN has partnered with Crimson Hexagon. The Crimson Hexagon platform for social media monitoring and analysis uses sophisticated algorithms to troll through massive amounts of online information to track in real time how people are reacting to the election. CNN used Crimson Hexagonís technology for the State of the Union address earlier this year; this time around, the technology will get bigger play.
As Bohrman puts it: ‘For the midterm elections, it provides a fascinating way to listen to the social media conversationsónot just the Twitter fire hose but all of them.’
Have you noticed that Social Media is actually making the news these days? We’d love to hear your perspectives.
As always, we’ll continue monitoring the social sphere for interesting trends. In the meantime, feel free to contact us at with questions or to learn how your market, brand or product could benefit from leveraging the Crimson Hexagon platform for social media monitoring and analysis.

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