Social Intelligence: How “May Day” Occupied Social Media Channels

Crimson Hexagon gathered social intelligence to reveal online conversations in the latest chapter in the Occupy Movement that unfolded on May 1st. Organizers partnered with Labor Unions and Immigration Rights Activists in San Francisco, Chicago, Sydney, and London to “celebrate” International Workers’ Day.
Occupy May Day Social Intelligence
Since the movement began last summer, reactions have been mixed. How did the conversation shape up on the days directly surrounding May Day?
Crimson Hexagon social intelligence
Using our ForSight platform, we analyzed over 19,300 opinions to parcel sentiment related to the “May Day” protests.
27% of the conversation supported the movement:

  • 14% vocalized direct support
  • 13% was promotional, and advocated the message expressed by occupiers and the importance of the event itself

The most substantial portion of the conversation—65%—was neutral

  • 54% was simply sharing links to media coverage
  • 12% of the discussion were passing mentions

The remainder, 8%, actively disagreed with the movement.
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Analysis by Miles Branman and Sean Finn

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