Social Insights Help Shape #ThisGirlCan Campaign

On 11th and 12th November, the team here at Crimson Hexagon will be part of the Festival of Marketing at one of London’s most prestigious conference venues, Tobacco Dock.
This two-day event sees some of the most well-known in the marketing industry come together to both celebrate and discover the future of modern-day marketing. Talks from industry experts such as no-nonsense Lord Alan Sugar, along with the heads of companies such as O2, Barclays and the BBC provide an unmissable opportunity.
Along with a number of incredibly influential speakers, our own Global Marketing Director Ben Cockerell will be joined on stage by Kate Dale from Sport England, to discuss how social insights informed key decisions and planning for the #thisgirlcan campaign.
The award-winning campaign is part of a movement that engaged over 600,000 women and girls in the UK, with the intention to challenge their attitude to sport. More than just an ad, it has used social media to engage women in warm and supportive conversations about sport and physical activity from the very beginning. After meeting with Kate herself last week, it was clear to see how passionate she was about not only about the campaign itself, but about how social analytics were a driving component in its success.
Prior to the ad going live, the Sport England team spent time analysing social media data to gain a better understanding of their audience and to uncover the real causes behind the lack of interest. Kate told us how valuable this was, highlighting that “understanding what was going on in women’s heads and minds was really critical” to the success of the campaign. As Kate told us, “Crimson Hexagon has allowed us to get close to our women”, by providing honest, unsolicited snapshots into their lives.
We are really excited to have Kate join us on stage, to learn more about how Crimson Hexagon contributed to the success of #thisgirlcan. Join us on Thursday morning at 10.45am to learn more about the campaign.
To learn more about social insights related to the #ThisGirlCan campaign, review our case study here.

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