Social Conversations Buzzing on New iPhone and iOS 7

Crimson Hexagon Tracks Huge Volume of Tweets about Apple

With the recent announcement of the new Apple iPhone 5s and 5c and the release of the iOS7 upgrade, millions of tweets have been written and posted about Apple and its products over the past couple of weeks.
iphone OS 7 announcement
Crimson Hexagon has helped several journalists who are interested in telling the story of the striking magnitude of Twitter traffic about Apple and iPhones. And we have analyzed what people are saying about the new products, as an indication of consumer preferences and the state of Apple’s reputation as an innovative technology and mobile technology company for the press.
Apple Social Conversation Event Volume
Following the September 10 announcement of the new phone, CNET highlighted that the vast majority of Twitter traffic was neutral, perhaps sharing news but not expressing an opinion about the new iPhone.
Chris Taylor contributed Apple Users Sent 7 Million iOS 7 Tweets in Two Days to Mashable, using Crimson Hexagon’s analysis to quantify the huge number of tweets about the upgrade.
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The new iPhones go on sale today. Follow us on Twitter @crimsonhexagon to hear the latest analysis of Apple’s products, one of Twitter’s favorite topics.

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