Social CEOS: Data-Driven Social For Marketers [Webinar]

Join us for the next Social CEOs Webinar on October 21st, 2015

Eat your lunch when you’re hungry, not at lunchtime. And watch while predictive analytics will enable you to eat your competitor’s lunch any time of the day.
That is the message from Jim Anderson, CEO of Social Flow, a thought leader in social optimization space for marketers. Jim’s Boston-based company provides software for marketers that tells them when their audience is consuming what type of content. It then uses predictive analytics to automatically publish the right message at the right time for the right audience.
Marketers can now deliver lunch when their audience is hungry. And not only can you avoid serving meat to vegetarians, you will instead be able to serve up their favorite vegan meal (or Tweet)!
Other key findings from research at SocialFlow:

  • Data-driven posts deliver 91% greater reach and 25% greater engagement than scheduled posts
  • Real time posts provide substantial benefit to media and entertainment companies, but do not benefit marketers in technology, retail, fashion, health-care or non-profits.


  • Scheduling of social posts is ineffective compared to data-driven posting
  • Unless you are a media or entertainment company, real-time posting might not be a good use of your content marketers’ time

From Social Flow’s benchmark study on Organic Publishing to Social Networks, August 2014
Optimizing ad spend remains a perpetual goal for marketing. Nate Elliot of Forrester tells social marketers to give their ad budget away to the media buying team. But clearly they need to work together: Identifying just the top 15 – 20% of top-performing posts for specific audiences and moving them from organic to paid will amplify reach, reduce the amount of A/B testing required, and enables the re-use of good content to amplify reach.
To learn more about the importance of data-driven marketing tactics through social join me with Jim Anderson, CEO of Social Flow – my guest on the next Social CEOs Talk Social on October 21st at 10.30am EST/3.30pm GMT. He is a natural provocateur, and therefore I am looking forward to a lively discussion. Click to listen to this previously recorded webinar.

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