Social Buzz Tool Detects Reactions to Amazon Cart Launch

Crimson Hexagon Analysis Software Distills #amazoncart Social Conversations

When a product launches, a news story breaks or a crisis hits, can we look deeper than simple volume metrics? The answer is yes! With the Buzz tool in ForSight™ we can understand user Affinities, Trends, and sentiment by the hour. After selecting our date range, source and keywords the Forsight™ platform can tell us what people are talking about, who is talking and what is the general sentiment within 60 seconds.
Case in point, a Mashable article posted on May 5, 2014 (today), Amazon and Twitter have introduced a feature that lets the consumer add items to their shopping cart via Twitter.
Topic Wave Clustering Algorithm buzz tool on Amazon Cart Product launch
Our Topic Waves feature boasts a unique clustering algorithm that detects emerging keywords and phrases over time.
Buzz tool automated sentiment on Amazon Cart product launch announcement
Our automated sentiment tool gives us the hourly breakdown of consumer sentiment using 500,000 trained documents to correct for the most common false/positives (“#amazoncart is sick”) or sarcastic comments.
Social buzz across Twitter Affinities Tool
While quantifying consumer sentiment is helpful in understanding conversation about the brand, another important aspect is understanding who the consumers are and what affinities they hold.
Social monitoring hashtag tool on product launch social buzz
Finally, our Live Stream features is used in many social War Rooms to monitor hourly volume, geo-location and watch the tweets as they come in live.
Using these four features found in ForSight™’s Buzz tool, users can have a deeper understanding of what is happening on social media before their clients and bosses do! And with our Workspaces feature, all of these visualizations can be pulled into a single report and exported to a series of images or a PowerPoint™ deck.

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