Social Buzz Kicks Aussie Footy Fever Into High Gear

Australian Rules Football Fans Passionate About  the Game and Teams

The Purple Haze arrived in Melbourne on Thursday night and footy fever spread throughout Australia.  Fremantle Dockers flew from Perth to Melbourne to play their first Australian Football League (AFL) Grand Final against veterans, Hawthorn, on Saturday the 28th of September.  Hawthorn had already played 16 Grand Final matches and won 10 those.  However, that didn’t stop fans barracking for The Dockers.
Austrailian cricket fans social buzz
As 2,217,000 people tuned in and 100,000 people attended the game live at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, we used Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight™ platform to analyse Aussie social media footy fever and see which team had the most support.   We analysed 87,905 relevant posts on social media.
Austrailan AFL Grand Final social buzz opinion analysis
The Sandgropers had more fans than the Melbournians! This was also evident on Friday afternoon at the traditional AFL Grand Final parade through Melbourne streets.  A purple haze was clearly visible….
Grand Final Parade crowd
Dispite the extra support,  Fremantle still lost to Hawthorn.  Hawthorn won 77 to Fremantle 62.
The topic wheel summarises some of the words used and their correlation to each other on the topic of the AFL Grand Final.
Austrailan AFL Grand Final social buzz topic wheel
We can see that Fremantle dominated the Grand Final conversation. So who were the most popular players?  We used Crimson Hexagon to analyse Lance (Buddy) Franklin, Brian Lake, Nathan Fyfe and David Mundy.  The graph below shows share of voice:
Share of Voice - AFL players social buzz
Brian Lake received 38% of the mentions, Lance Franklin 25%, Ryan Crowley 11%, Jack Gunston 10%, Lance Hodge 8%, Jonathan Simpkin 4%, David Mundy 2% and Nathan Fyfe 1%.
Lets look into the conversation surrounding Brian Lake to see what people were saying..
Brian Lake speculation Conversation
There is speculation that Lance Franklin (Buddy) will be joining Greater Western Sydney.  However, no announcement has yet been made.  Therefore it is not surprising that much of the conversation is regarding this potential move. 16% generally discussing Buddy’s future and where that may be, 6% saying if its Buddy’s last game with Hawthorn, it better be a good effort, 9% saying he will always be a Hawk.  Buddy has a big fan-base at 27% of the conversation.  Again, not surprisingly large portion of the conversation was on the Grand Final 17% and 12% on general congratulations and 5% discussing and praising him for his Goal of the Year win.
Well the Grand Final is over and ends the 2013 AFL season.  The 2014 AFL season will begin in the middle of March…

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