Social Analysis Fuels Fan Acquisition Success

Throughout our agency campaign lifecycle, we have proven the inherent value of ForSight as a stand-alone, results oriented tool. But how do the analytics hold up when comparing to today’s top competitors in the market?
We reached out to one of our top evangelists, Socialtyze, to collaborate on their story of success: Using the keyword analysis provided from Affinities™ research to compare their results on a grander scale against the larger media buying tools. Their goal? To increase their number of Facebook fans for customers. Their process is extensive, but Crimson provides a unique insight that works extraordinarily well, and provides a streamlined number of targeted keywords for use.
After acquiring data from our Affinities technology, Socialtyze finds the interests and preferences of users in these conversation to help determine what keywords work particularly well to draw a crowd to the business. The results derived from Affinities are often surprising– suggesting interests that one would not typically associate with a particular group of people. After parsing down these keywords to a series of choice words, Socialtyze uses these to create online social media advertising campaigns based around the words. The response? Crimson Hexagon’s keyword assistance parsed the list down, and offered 16% more actionable results than the comparative media planning platforms.

“Social media buying is a game of inches. Everyone is playing on a similar playing field, so possessing superior technology is the only way to differentiate yourself from a competitor. Socialtyze was able to break out from the pack by harnessing the data of Crimson Hexagon.” — Jake Meyer, Associate Media Director at Socialtyze

To learn more about Socialtyze’s fan acquisition case study, click here.

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