Social Analytics That Affect Your Business

Social media marketing efforts are useless without definitive purpose: to generate leads for your business. Brands are looking for new sectors of business. Agencies are trying to do the same with client’s requests and any other public facing company must make accommodations to reach targeted audiences and amplify new opportunities. These strategies require constant care and upkeep to make sure initiatives are directed at the appropriate audiences. Social media tracking and conversion is a growing and significant part of marketing.
But what social analytics matter when you come down to brass tax? How can you pull the most qualified and applicable details from social media to make your business better? Here’s our list of top ways to understand social numbers and where ForSight can help you achieve the highest possible conversion rates.

Real-Time Traffic Updates

Use volume analysis to breakdown the conversation annually, weekly, daily, or even hourly. This can help you determine what posts are most successful for your brand and what people are saying about your brand and products, down the singular post level.
With ForSight, you can even break down volume by time of the day and day of the week in order to understand cyclical trends at a glance. Day and time social analysis is particularly useful when real-time changes occur over social. Last week, we analyzed conversation about the New England Patriots for around how people discussed the team week to week.
 Patriots Week Volume

Company Dialect

What language or messaging is trending around your business? What percentage of posts are speaking to the usefulness of the product or service? What share of the conversation is taken over by consumers who express displeasure with your company’s performance? What do people believe about your brand?
All of these questions can be answered when using social analytics to process the language surrounding your company. By analyzing the historical conversation, we can see a breakdown of where shifts in company trust occur, pointing to the breaks in positive language and giving brand directors the opportunity to mend these fences.
Patriot Word Cloud

Advertising Campaigns

How has your advertising worked? What campaigns are garnering most attention and where? These are the metrics that drive budgets and media dollars. How successful was that strategy? Did it reach your target audience? If not, who are audiences in similar interest groups that could be targeted? All of these questions can breakdown conversation to correlate between campaign success and user response.
We compared the conversations surrounding multiple products in the same market: Milk. The opinion conversation for milk is broken down even further into what portions enjoy/dislike milk and why.  
Category Mix Dairy 

Content Sharing/Promotion

In short, does your company have the knowledge to better inform customers on what they want to hear. People don’t want to be sold to anymore; they want to be informed. Find what their queries are surrounding a topic of interest, relating to your business and create content around this. 

Employee Engagement

Your team is your most valuable social media resource, because of everyone has their own voice and ability to publish about the company’s story and successes. The social sharing policy at Crimson Hexagon? Everyone participates in social promotion. This means sharing, retweeting and compiling responses to the social media existence of Crimson throughout the social media sphere. Without the support and participation of our internal team, our message could never disseminate the way we want it to.
 Gaggle Amp
Social also acts as our rallying cry for positivity. When new content goes out the door, we celebrate it together as a team over social, sharing with apps like GaggleAMP. This is a great way to build camaraderie through your organization and grow your brand’s awareness simultaneously.
Using vanity metrics won’t help your business grow. Knowing what the conversation surrounding your company is and how to use that information to your advantage can promote awareness and convert a lead to a closed deal.
For more details on how visually-appealing content can promote company growth and impact brand awareness, Please visit our blog today.

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