Smitten By Sweethearts?

The day is coming. We all know it. You know it, I know it, the man sitting on the train next to you knows it. What day is this I speak of? It is of course, Valentine’s Day.
As I was thinking about this highly anticipated day, I was curious about one of the most iconic symbols of Valentine’s Day. Now, I’m not talking about the overpriced cards or the unhealthy amount of chocolate consumed. I am talking about NECCO® Sweethearts®– the conversation hearts!
Dating back to 1866, the NECCO® Sweethearts® are a Valentine’s Day staple. According to NECCO, from mid February to January they produce 100,000 pounds of these conversation candy hearts a day. While their historical presence and production quantities are both impressive, who are the Sweethearts advocates that have kept this candy thriving for more 150 years? 
Looking at the past year, the Sweethearts conversation is for the majority positive at 60%. As one may suspect, the Sweetheart buzz is very quiet throughout the year, until January and February when the candies are in high demand, and people are talking about them.
sweethearts, gender, age
75% of the conversation around the conversation hearts came from females, and the majority of posts were from people 35 and over.
But what else can we learn about those social users? If NECCO® wanted to further target these consumers, what would be insightful information? Using Crimson Hexagon’s Affinities feature, I was able to glean what interests the people who are involved in the Sweethearts conversation.
The green bubbles show interests of people that are involved in the Sweethearts conversation, while the blue bubbles show interests of the general Twitter population. The green bubbles farther to the left, indicate a stronger association between the particular interest and the Sweetheart conversation. As shown above, people talking about Sweethearts®, are also very interested in Blogging, Crafts, Etsy, Amazon, and Parenting. As indicated by the blue bubbles to right, they are much less likely to have interests in One Direction, Justin Bieber, and video games.
So, what does this all mean? Necco’s Sweethearts conversation is highly correlated with the “mom who blogs and enjoys arts and crafts time.” For brands, it’s clear that the “who” is just as important as the “what.” The more information they know about the profile of their advocates, they more equipped they are to better cater to those known audiences, and learn where there are opportunities for new brand enthusiasts.

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