Shopping Like It's 1993

mimosaIn the age of user generated content, design-on-line computers and customized tennis shoes it was a bit odd to hear the joint announcement from the Gap and Pantone earlier this week that 2009 was, in fact, the year of Mimosa ñ not the drink, but the color.

At first (champagne-induced) blush it seems so 1993, in a preppy kids growing out their hair and getting on the grunge bandwagon kind of way. Are retailers actually so out of touch that they would dare to impose such a style mandate on their customers? Will people really wear Mimosa (without spilling it on themselves) just because the Gap has said that it is the color of 2009? Where is the groundswell effect in all† this, or is fashion inherently top-down and curated?

We have less than four weeks to find out, as Mimosa tees will be available for purchase through the middle of February only at Gapís rotating concept store on Fifth Avenue.

And for those who are curious, Pantone claims that Mimosa is† “optimistic, hopeful, reassuring, warm, cheerful, radiant [and] versatile.” Maybe everyone needs a little more Mimosa in 2009 after all.

Photo credit:† pasotraspaso

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