Runway Buzz: Social Media Analysis of Paris Fashion Week

Runway Buzz Paris Fashion Week
Every year, for the last week of September the entire fashion universe moves to the capital of couture to be part of one of the most exciting, thrilling and prestigious events on the planet, the one and only Paris Fashion Week. It is an experience of a lifetime. Paris Fashion Week offers genius designs and dreamy creations worn by beautiful models from around the world in the presence of the A-list celebrities, with a sprinkling of shocking backstage stories.
This year, Crimson Hexagon joined forces with a French agency Valtech to analyze the social buzz about Paris Fashion Week.
The greatest moments can be summed up into bold rich statement colors, countered by serene pastel tone together with leather and futuristic metallic design. The most shocking moment was Marc Jacobs’ departure from the Louis Vuitton fashion house. The topic quickly became the center of attention and earned more buzz and mentions than the catwalk happenings themselves.
You can brush up on your French Valtech’s blog. Your française is little less “fashion-savy”? No worries, you can switch to English or just enjoy the beautiful infographic, which tells the story of this year’s Paris Fashion Week. Or, as we say, this year’s #PFW.

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Paris Fashion Week Valech Infographic

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