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Software Advice Chooses Crimson Hexagon for Context-Sensitive Algorithm

Ashley Verrill found herself in a position familiar to many of our customers: assessing the field of social software. She quickly found the process time-consuming and confusing. Verrill set out to improve this process for others by creating the Social App Map to help navigate the new field of social software.

Social Advice Social App Map
In our rapidly evolving space, companies go by general, and sometimes confusing, labels. We ourselves describe Crimson Hexagon variously as a “social media listening platform,” a “social media analytics tool,” or a “social intelligence tool.” All of those descriptions are correct, but are they helpful to potential customers when they assess the capabilities of software and the merits of company partners?

We are proud that Verrill chose to feature Crimson Hexagon on Software Advice’s Social App Map, providing specific, actionable information to marketing and market research professionals looking for social software that can help them analyze the social conversation about their company or brand and their competitors. Starting with a group of offerings from 120 companies, Verrill narrowed the Social App Map list to a smaller set of worthy solutions.

Verrill explains her reason for including Crimson Hexagon on the Social App Map:

I chose Crimson Hexagon for the Social App Map because the system demonstrated true innovation in the social ‘analytics’ category. Specifically, I was impressed with its context-sensitive analysis algorithm, which intelligently filters social media conversations based on the specific themes, categories and sentiments. One of the most significant challenges companies talk to me about regarding listening on social is having the ability to ‘filter through the noise.’ While many social listening systems monitor for basic keywords and common positive/negative language, this application takes filtering capabilities one step further. In fact, it was the 92-percent correlation with human analysis that really sealed the deal.
We hear from our customers that they want to spend time assessing the best course of action for their companies, not assessing which software to buy. Verrill understands the time crunch:
Purchasing a social solution can be a difficult and time-consuming task, as many applications label themselves as a social solution, yet offer very different functionalities. The ultimate goal with the Social App Map was to simplify the ‘shopping’ process by enabling buyers to quickly plug in their solution criteria and be instantly matched with compatible products.
Think of the Social App Map as a “professional life hack,” that can help you find the way to solve your business problems faster with the best partner to fit your needs.
If you would like to learn more about how Crimson Hexagon’s context-sensitive analysis of conversation on social media and other social media analytics tools, including instant trend detection, Twitter metrics, and Klout influence scores, can contribute to your market research and marketing program request an online product demonstration.

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