Reaction to Instagram Acquisition 35% Negative

Facebook yesterday announced its plans to acquire Instagram, a iPhone-centric photo sharing service. The scrappy startup and its team of 12 have not yet generated any revenue, but in the product’s quirky filters and intuitive UI had attracted major brands and celebrities—as well as over 30 million users— in its short 18 month life.
How was the news received online? Based on an analysis of over 201,000 relevant mentions, the reaction has been largely negative.
Instagram Acquisition
What’s driving the negativity? Almost 20% of the negative conversation is directed at Facebook, with 5% commenting that “Facebook owns everything,” and another 4% confident that the social media giant will manage to ruin the app. 10% of the conversation states that they plan on deleting their Instagram account.
Instagram Acquition Topics
The conversation has a net sentiment of -23%. 12% of the conversation is positive, with 4% of the discussion optimistic about how Facebook will collaborate with the Instagram team.

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