QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Consumers Trends in CPG?

Four quizzes to to test your consumer trends knowledge and tickle your brain

Few industries change as quickly as the consumer packaged good landscape. Nutrition trends, lifestyle changes, ethical production concerns — these are just a few of the always-evolving consumer trends that affect the CPG landscape.
Naturally, it is hard for brands to keep up with consumer trends as they change. As soon as you catch wind of a new trend or movement, consumers have already changed their minds. Luckily, social media helps brands keep up. By listening into conversations about any topic or product, CPG brands can understand the trends that are affecting their customers’ buying habits.

We analyzed billions of social media conversations about four major CPG segments — groceries, beverages, cosmetics and household cleaners — to better understand the trends influencing the modern consumer.
Think you’re up to speed? Feel like you have a good grasp of what makes the modern consumer tick? Well now’s the time to test that assumption. We came up with quizzes for each of the sub-industries mentioned above to see how well you really know the trends driving the CPG industry.

Food & Nutrition

What’s more popular, going vegan or going gluten free? Do consumers prefer almond milk or soy milk? Take our quiz on the modern supermarket to find out.

Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Is red or white wine the fan favorite? What’s the top craft beer on social? Is matcha tea the next big thing? Take our quiz on the packaged beverage industry to find out.


Do consumers prefer vegan or cruelty-free makeup? Why are consumers increasingly turning to natural oils for cosmetics purposes? And which ones? Take our quiz on the cosmetics industry to find out.

Household Cleaners

Which cleaning brand do consumers love? Hate? What natural alternative is taking the cleaning discussion by storm? Take our quiz on household cleaners to find out.

Need a little more help to ace these quizzes? Review the rest of our analyses on the consumer packaged goods industry by reading our individual reports on groceries/nutrition, beverages, cosmetics and cleaners below.

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