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Don’t Let Bios Define Your Audience’s Interests

Affinities Psychographics
With the multitude of ways companies leverage social media today, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to analyzing the content. While companies have focused on what is being said, many fail to answer questions about who is talking:

  • What types of people are engaging with my brand vs. my competitors?
  • Did my campaign resonate with the intended audience?
  • How can I effectively reach my target audience?
  • How can I adjust my messaging to appeal to a specific audience?

Our new Affinities™ functionality allows users to finally find answers to these questions.  Affinities™ explores the psychographic profile of the individuals participating in a conversation on Twitter.  Interests are assigned to individuals using a methodology that looks at their networks, behaviors, and conversations online.  We have found this method to be more insightful than bio analysis, as bios tend to be static over time, and only represent how individuals portray themselves using a limited set of words.
Affinities within a given conversation can be benchmarked against Twitter as a whole, or compared to competing companies, brands, campaigns, hashtags, etc. Users can sort interest groups by size of the group and the strength of the affinity. Users can drill into interests using ForSight’s Explore visualizations, including word clouds and lists of example posts by authors in that interest group.
Brands can use Affinities™ to aide in the development of brand positioning and content strategies within segments of consumers. They can measure specific marketing efforts to understand what initiatives are resonating with the intended audience segments. They can also gauge their ability to attract specific audiences and generate more conversations among them over time.

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