BOSTON - September 5, 2018

Allows market researchers to uncover a full range of consumer sentiment and reactions to image-based content

Crimson Hexagon, the leading provider of AI-Powered Consumer Insights, announces new reverse image search capabilities. The first in the industry to offer this advanced feature, Crimson Hexagon extends its technology leadership in AI and image analytics, allowing analysts to search by picture, instead of text, across Crimson Hexagon’s data library. Results include exact matches, visually similar images, and a full set of analytics on the consumer conversations related to that picture.

“Brands are drowning in data about their consumers, but struggle to surface the insights that are buried in all of that information,” stated Errol Apostolopoulos, SVP of Product. “With reverse image search and other features in this new version of the platform, we help our customers harness the insights buried in massive volumes of unstructured information to enable better decision-making across the enterprise.”

As image becomes more pervasive across social and online channels, it is even more important for brands to monitor the impact of their visual content and understand consumer reactions to it.

“Analytics has become essential to process and exploit the deluge of image data streams being collected by organizations. Image data will become an increasingly strategic and unique organizational asset and resource for unobtrusively generating the customer insight that is essential for improving customer experience,” wrote Nick Ingelbrecht, Research Director, in the August 2018 Gartner Hype Cycle for Customer Experience Analytics 2018 report.

Crimson Hexagon is also delivering new platform functionality, including a revamped version of its flagship deep analytics product, ForSight, and enhanced support for enterprise-held content.

“Crimson Hexagon continually advances their technology to help brands forge deeper connections with their consumers,” said Rob Johnson, Director of Product, Twitter. “They are included in a small, elite set of Twitter Official Partners, recognized for their proven success on our platform, their AI-Powered solutions and the premium service they consistently deliver to customers.”

Analyzing the Conversation around Image-Based Content

An industry leader in the large-scale analysis of image-based information using deep learning and neural networks, Crimson Hexagon now offers a groundbreaking new feature for reverse image search. Market researchers can now run a query by image in the Crimson Hexagon platform to analyze consumer conversations related to their visual content. With the ability to run analytics that key on images, brands gain a deeper understanding of consumer perception and sentiment around visual portrayals of their products, brands, or campaigns.

Empowering Analysts: The Next Gen Version of ForSight

The newest innovations in ForSight, Crimson Hexagon’s flagship deep analytics tool, provide brands with powerful tools for getting a more complete view of the consumer. Designed to make analysts more efficient and to accelerate insight discovery, this version offers:

  • New tools for delivering actionable insights: Predictive alerts, a personalized insights feed, and data visualizations with an at-a-glance narrative to capture the key concepts surfaced by the data


  • New event and crisis tracking: Advanced AI techniques track data patterns and surface anomalous events automatically, before the user even asks


  • More extensive data exploration, with interactive chart navigations and drill-across experiences


  • An easy-to-learn and intuitive experience, with a fully redesigned look and feel

Enhanced Support for Enterprise Content

A new set of platform features surfaces deeper, more nuanced insights from longer form content, such as customer surveys, product reviews, support tickets, blog posts, and news articles.

  • Enhanced support for enterprise-held content: The content upload functionality has been further enhanced to provide more flexibility for custom metadata. Customers can upload content with their own taxonomies and use Crimson Hexagon to apply sentiment, emotion, and topic analysis at scale


  • Long form text analytics: By applying advanced AI techniques, Crimson Hexagon parses content into segments so that sentiment, emotion, and other analytics can be applied at a highly granular level


  • Custom keyword categories, for analytics in context: This allows brands to analyze large scale conversations with the custom-defined categories that are most relevant to their context. Customers can measure volume of conversation and sentiment for each category


To learn more about these platform updates, join a live webinar on Thursday, September 13, at 2:00 p.m. ET.

About Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon helps global brands better understand their consumers. With instant access to the world’s largest volume of unstructured text and images across social, online public, and enterprise-held data sources, Crimson Hexagon’s AI-powered consumer insights platform allows clients to analyze audiences, track brand perception and campaign performance, and even detect competitive and market trends. Our clients include Anheuser-Busch InBev, Adidas, General Mills, Paramount Pictures, and Twitter. Find us on Twitter and on LinkedIn.


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