Political Analysis: Twitter Chooses Romney To Fix Economy

Political Analysis - Presidential Election & Economy
The most important issue in this year’s election? The economy. Yet despite months of aggressive campaigning on the issue, a recent poll conducted by the Washington Post shows that the country is split as to which candidate is better equipped to fix it. We wanted to see if the online conversation aligned with the poll’s findings, so we used our own ForSight platform to perform a political analysis of over 19,000 Tweets.
What we found: although more people are discussing President Obama in the context of the economy, the conversation surrounding Mitt Romney is much more positive.

While 44% of tweets support the President and his policies on job creation, 56% disagre with his approach. In addition, many are concerned he is attempting to change the focus of the election to social issues.
The 62% who favored Mitt Romney’s believe his experience at Bain Capital, as well as his tenure as Massachusetts governor (where he cut of unemployment from 5.6% to 4.7%). Those who disagreed withighlighted a recent Obama campaign ad which focused on the negative side of a Bain Capital investment.

Do you feel that, given another term, President Obama’s economic policies will build momentum and right the economy or do you feel Mitt Romney’s outlook is more likely to have a corrective outcome?
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