[Podcast] AI, Image Analysis and the Future of Social Media Analytics

Errol Apostolopoulos sits down with DMN to discuss Crimson Hexagon’s platform

Errol Apostolopoulos, SVP of product at Crimson Hexagon, recently sat down with DMN to discuss how AI and image analysis will change the future of social media analytics.
A big part of the discussion was recent advancements in the technology behind social media analytics. What was once just a way for brands to count likes, shares, and followers has become way to track and understand consumer trends and preferences.
Social media analysis is an excellent way to understand consumers and customers because it allows brands to tap into unsolicited consumer conversations instead of solicited feedback from a survey or focus group. New technology powering social media analytics, like AI and image analysis, gives brands the power to uncover deeper, more accurate consumer insights in less time.

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AI and social media analysis

AI is particularly useful for a social media analysis platform. When the platform can learn as you use it, insights can be automated and curated to your specific needs. This way, you don’t have to look through a bunch of charts to find interesting data. The platform will automatically surface what matters most to you.

With AI and machine learning, the quality of the analysis depends on the amount of data. The Crimson data library has more than 1 trillion documents, including both text based posts and images. As AI continues to advance, it presents the opportunity for analysts and marketers to focus more on strategy while the machine takes over the surfacing of new insights.

Image analytics

In social media analysis, a picture really is worth 1000 words. Image analysis can recognize logos, objects, facial attributes, scenes, actions, etc. and provide relevant insights on all of those.

Changing the mindset about social media analysis

Brands used to look at social to answer questions like “what is our presence on social and how can we respond to it?” Now, brands are starting to see the bigger picture and the bigger opportunity that comes from looking at social as a dataset that can provide insights on what consumers are thinking.
This ability to tap into the consumer mindset can inform much more critical business decisions than simply measuring mentions and presence. The next step beyond uncovering these consumer insights via social is connecting them the direct customer feedback your organization owns through APIs. Ultimately, every department from marketing to CX can gain valuable insights on their audience from social data.

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