Our Thoughts on the Twitter Official Partner Program

The launch of the Twitter Official Partner Program is an exciting and natural step for Crimson Hexagon, as we continue our steadfast and productive relationship with our friends at Twitter. The growth and innovation that we’ve built over the last 7 years with Twitter complements the growth of social data analytics as an industry. We are proud of the relationship we’ve built with Twitter, as well as with the many other social media platforms from which we acquire social data.
It is incredibly selective. We tend to choose ones with which we’ve already had an extensive relationship.” — Zach Hofer-Stall at Twitter
We take these words to heart at Crimson, and look forward to continuing as a pioneer alongside Twitter. By working together as each other’s customers, we’re defining and creating analyses that drive change and push the boundaries of social data analysis in today’s market.  This announcement further strengthens the understanding that brands and agencies on a global scale must use the insights from social data to improve and advance their organizations. Some of the insights built from relationships with social data partners like Twitter have redefined the analytics market: tools like Affinities and Segment Insights required unrestrained use of social data.
We believe the continued success of Crimson Hexagon is forged through these types of partnerships, as we collaborate and continue to evolve with the demands of the marketplace, to exceed the expectations of brands and agencies around the world.
For the full explanation of Twitter’s Official Partner Program, read the blog here.

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