Our Favorite Feature Releases of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, we looked back at everything our product and engineering teams have built in the last 12 months. In case you didn’t get the chance to hear about some of the best stuff we’ve added to the Crimson Hexagon platform, we made a quick list of some of our favorite new additions (all created in the hopes of a better experiences for our users). Take a look at some of the improvements we’ve made:

1. What’s the word on the street? Breakdown the data to street-level analysis.

We listened and heard that our clients wanted to see where and when their target audiences were posting about their companies. We have released an updated GIS Mapping tool shows what conversations arise and where they happen, all the way down to the street where they were posted. These applications are particularly important for planning and executing future strategies based on the current successes of a microtargeting campaign, or a viral activity as its spreads across the world.
top 2015 product geo imageIn this visual, you can see the distribution of social conversation on a global scale, parsed down to street level to get a clearer picture of where social users are discussing traveling home for the holiday weekend during Thanksgiving.

2. Watching the top video among Yeezy fans today, or from this week, or even this month.

Segments is a powerful discovery tool, as it allows users to investigate whatever related networks of data might be tied closely or loosely with a specific interest conversation. It helps users understand how people discuss their favorite things and what’s trending in that space, and there’s thousands of segments available (everything from social activism to DJing), as well as the capability to build your own segments around a particular interest as well. Our multimedia feature allows users to explore the top posts, videos, and animations that are popular amongst social users within these particular interest segments. Businesses can capitalize on this by gaining a new lens with which to compare and contrast successful content, understanding the qualitative power of an advertisement or music video within a dataset. It’s an inspirational tool for understanding behavior associated with particular interests, which can help drive advertising creative or pitching strategy. This is just one aspect of the larger growth of audience insights coming from the Crimson platform.
Kimye Segments
Above, you can see the top trending multimedia posts across Kim and Kanye West’s fandom interest segments are prioritized by the birth of their second child, Saint, this week.

3. Proving your sanity (when you’re seeing it everywhere): the glory of logo detection.

Image analysis has been touted as the future and soon-to-be requirement for advancement within social analytics platforms. The ability to grow our statistical understanding of a user group from a visual is the toughest area of marketing to measure. Nearly 60% of digital impressions are now image-driven, and 85% of social posts including logos lack any brand-relevant text. Crimson has jumped across this threshold, offering thousands of logos to identify and measure across social for gaining a better understanding of the scale and reach of today’s companies’ most recognizable images. Brands can use this to understand the dark side of social, the conversations that often go unnoticed, but can make up a significant portion of overall brand conversation.
logo detection of monster
In this visual we can see how brands would be able to measure the success of a celebrity’s personal photo in front of their logo.

4. What do I need to know to appeal to Russian audiences (besides vodka and freezing temperatures)? Aggregating (other) top social platforms across the world.

As the weight and influence of social insights have advanced over the last few years, the scope of global conversations to analyze has expanded and intensified. As Crimson Hexagon continues to scale, we’ve concentrated on adopting conversations in Eastern Europe and parts of Asia, incorporating top global providers such as VKontakte data into our indexed library (750 billion posts and growing), to continue to grow our global initiatives through our language-agnostic technology.
vk data visualization

5. Bye, Felicia: 17 gifs that perfectly summarize your millennial advocates.

Gifs. The ultimate content for millennial interactivity. Social analytics helps us all to better understand what these sarcastic little pictures are really about when relating to interests and key topics.
We knew we had to support insights from new trending technologies in social: by tapping into user insights from (quite literally) younger social platforms, we needed powerful data in longer, visual-rich forms of content. This desire to understand these data sources drove us to partner with Tumblr, collaborating as the only social media analytics partner, providing top level insights for the Tumblr team to provide analyses. The access to all historical Tumblr posts has allowed Crimson to build and help customers interpret new volumes of nuanced conversations over social, offering a competitive advantage to top brands and agencies that other platforms can’t supply.
Tumblr BTTF Affinities
In these visualizations, you can see the advancements of Crimson’s platform for display audience insights, volumetrics and visually-rich content: all sourced from Tumblr’s firehose.

6. 800 BILLION posts (available in real-time) can tell a pretty big story.

You have an unlimited search capability with Crimson: your terms can be as broad as possible in your analysis, enabling you to identify historical trends, as opposed to limiting your query based on a data consumption budget. As opposed to other social analytics platforms, access to that historical data in Crimson Hexagon comes at no additional cost–and is available right away.Crimson’s pricing is available so you never have to wait to find what you’re looking for. So search for what you’re interested in, learn more about what social insights can do to empower your team, and find out more to build strategic decisions across the enterprise.
To see any of these and many more features we released in 2015, and to learn how they can help you make better business decisions, schedule a demonstration of our platform today. 

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