Online Reaction to President Obama's Bus Tour Mostly Negative

Since President Obama started his Midwest bus tour on Monday, August 15, Crimson Hexagon has analyzed 47,645 mentions of Obama’s tour on Twitter. A portion of the conversation, 19% of the mentions, is not relevant to the topic. Relevant opinions comprise the rest of the conversation.
The conversation was split up by Positive, Negative, and Neutral sentiment. 5% of the total relevant conversation was positive, 72% was negative, and 22% of the relevant conversation was neutral mentions of the bus tour.
Being the smallest category at 5%, the positive conversation on the bus tour focused on a few key factors. The first factor is that other presidents have done the same thing, referencing President Bush. Others claim the GOP is just trying to find ways to hurt the image of President Obama. The other positive factor in this conversation is the voice of general support for the President’s efforts on the tour.
The neutral 22% of the conversation is comprised of references and passing mentions of Obama’s bus tour. Some of the references consist of the stops he makes on his tour, his actions on the tour, and comments simply stating that he is starting the tour.
The biggest group, negative sentiment, was broken up into five different categories comprising 71% of the total conversation. The largest category was general negative comments about the bus tour at 22%. Many people on twitter were calling the tour an act of desperation. 17% of the total relevant conversation was people believing that Obama was campaigning and not on an official ‘listening tour’. This outraged people because they believe he is trying to cheat America. This is also captured in the 16% of the conversation that was upset that taxpayers are picking up the 2.2 million dollar bill for his tour. Another 12% of the conversation was making up names for the tour, as well as reTweets of some names that big figures, such as Mitt Romney, had come up with. For instance: ‘Magical Misery Tour’. The last 6% was people upset that Obama was touring and not in Washington DC doing his job.
A graphical representation of the opinions present in the online conversation is provided below. You can click on the image to enlarge it.

Click on the Image to Enlarge (total many not equal 100 due to rounding)

Here are some specific examples of Tweets from each category:
“@andersoncooper @ac360 Pres. Obama doesn’t engage in campaign stunts; just not who he is. Def a listening tour; ObamaCareS!” -@AdamsArmyGirl
“It’s good to see President @BarackObama on the campaign trail, going on the offensive and taking the bull by the horns. #decision2012”-@NSMoreno
“Obama Kicks Off Midwest Bus Tour: President Barack Obama will travel to Minnesota Monday to kick off a three day…” -@Addison_Jackson
“Obama defends government action in Midwest bus tour: President Obama kicked off a three-day Midwest bus tour with a defense of govern…”-@MadelynBracker
Paid by Tax Payers
“Go ahead, President Obama, continue your “bus tour” across America on my tax dollar”-@drbrookie
“The President’s “Magical Misery Bus Tour” uses a bus that costs taxpayers 2.2 MILLION dollars plus your tax $ to fund the trip. #angryyet?” -@owljones
Campaign not Tour
“@barackobama launching bus tour for jobs – HIS JOB – that is. #tcot #teaparty #p2” -@patriotpress
“Obama speaking in decorah, ia today – he is definitely ramping up for campaign mode.” -@josihellier
General Negative
“RT @Carolina4Perry: Why doesn’t @BarackObama call this a BS Tour. He doesn’t care about U.” -@MissGriffith87
“POTUS bus tour stops Only in areas of LOW unemployment, handlers fearful of talking to the common man. Omce angain EGO and Arrogance” -@thatsogp
Names for the Tour
“I call Obama’s campaign bus trip his “Watch Me Lie to You and Get Away With It Again” tour.” -@homeschool911
“Mitt Romney is calling Obama’s bus trip the “Magical Misery Tour.” What is YOUR idea for a title for the trip? Post it now.” -@kcmotalkradio
Not Helping the Country
“Tell @BarackObama it’s time to put the country before campaign fundraising. Why is he & Congress taking August off? #fixthismess”-@worldpeacepray
“glad to see obama’s going on a bus tour instead of trying to fix our economic problems, i can wait for the next election” -@LedZepplin27
What do you think about the President’s recent bus tour? We’­d like to hear your thoughts on this.
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