Online Opinions Largely Criticize US Response to Egyptian Upheaval

With the online community’s continued, and justifiable, swirl around the crisis in Egypt, Crimson Hexagon decided to examine online opinions (Twitter) about how the Obama Administration is reacting to and handling the crisis.
Crimson Hexagon uncovers and quantifies the relevant online opinions:

  • Overall, Twitter conversation about the US response to the Egyptian protests is mostly negative. 79% of relevant Twitter opinion (11,582 relevant opinions) is highly critical of the way President Obama, Secretary Clinton and the administration in general have been responding to the events
  • A dominant theme in this criticism is that people feel the US is being too neutral in its response — 22% of opinions
  • 12% criticized the US administration for not being outspoken enough against Mubarak, many wishing US officials had called for his resignation
  • 12% felt that the administration’s response (particularly Obama’s) was hypocritical in some way (see definitions below)
  • Only 11% of the entire relevant Twitter conversation indicated support for the US administration’s response
  • 10% of the conversation favors a neutral stance: ‘the US should just stay out of it’

For this analysis, Crimson Hexagon defines the opinion categories in the following ways:
Disapprove: People who are generally unhappy with the way the US administration has responded to the situation
Not being assertive enough (playing it safe / wishy-washy / indecisive): Opinions that the US administration isn’t taking a strong enough stance either way. Includes comments about Obama not being good at making hard decisions or taking a stand, and the administration being too neutral on the matter.
Need to do more to support the Egyptian people / Oppose Mubarak: Criticism stating that the administration should do/say more to side with the people of Egypt and oppose Mubarak. Includes people criticizing the US for supporting dictatorship over democracy, and neglecting to call for Mubarak’s resignation.
Response is hypocritical: Criticism stating that the US response has been hypocritical in some way. Several different reasons are included, which can be see through examples:

  • ‘Obama wants Egypt to have internet, but he wants his own kill switch here. What a hypocrite!’
  • ‘If America has been financing this Egypt government what does THAT say about Obama’s definition of democracy!!’
  • ‘Obama says that the people of Egypt have rights that are “universal.” What about the people of Iran, China, Cuba, or North Korea?’
  • ‘#Egypt Obama says, don’t use violence to put down protesters. (Then he presses a button sending five more deadly drones into Pakistan).’

Supportive of Neutrality
Opinions favoring a neutral political stance: ‘US should stay out of it’
Supportive: Conversation that is supportive of the way the US administration has responded to the events.
What’s your reaction to the crisis in Egypt? Do you think the US administration is reacting appropriately? We’d love to hear your perspective.
As always, we’ll continue analyzing the social sphere for interesting trends on a range of topics. In the meantime, feel free contact us at with questions or to learn how your market, brand or product could benefit from leveraging the Crimson Hexagon ForSightâ„¢ platform for social media monitoring and analysis. Want to see the Crimson Hexagon platform in action? Request a Live Online Demo.

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