Online Consumer Opinions Show New Netflix Plans Create Increased Opportunity for Redbox

Surprisingly, 20% Say ‘Goodbye Netflix, Hello Redbox’
Social media reaction to the Netflix price hikes has been so strong that #DearNetflix trended on Twitter with customers complaining strongly about the changes. Crimson Hexagon looked into the Twittersphere reaction exclusively for this analysis. The Twitter response to the news showed 62% negativity and only 23% positivity. Of the 62% that were against the move, the sentiment was examined further to reveal the opinions with the negative grouping. 31% was categorized as ‘Bad Move Netflix,’ while a surprising 20% thought ‘Goodbye Netflix, Hello Redbox,’ and significantly, 11% ‘Plan to Leave Netflix’ altogether.
Of the 23% positive sentiment, only 10% said the ‘New Plans Are Okay with Me,’ while 13% expressed that it was ‘Okay, But Keeping Streaming Only.’

Netflix mentions on Twitter went up 114% over the one-day period of June 12 to June 13 that was used. There were also 15% of people who mentioned Netflix on Twitter that remained neutral and were merely tweeting the news. It seems that with the amount of negativity Netflix could have underestimated how strong consumer’­s reactions would be to the new plans. It may have also unwittingly created new opportunities for Redbox on the DVD rental side. That said, how long will it be before Redbox launches its own streaming video service?
We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. What do you think about the new Netflix plans? Will you be giving Redbox more of your business?
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