Obamacare: Online Reaction to SCOTUS Ruling [Update]

Mashable just reported our analysis of the online reaction to the SCOTUS Obamacare Ruling. We’ve updated our findings to reflect new volume as it arrives through the Firehose.

The proportions of the conversation are quite similar as we first reported: nearly half of the conversation we analyzed is pleased with the SCOTUS decision. Specifically, 11% discussed healthcare as a human right, while 9% brought former Massachusetts Govenor Mitt Romney into the conversation.
About 28% of the discussion is unhappy with the decision, though 12% of that discussion agree with the judgement that the Individual Mandate’s penalty is a tax.

SCOTUS on Obamacare: Qualitative Clusters Visualization
Clusters shows the most common words, and highlights the connections between words that are commonly used together.

The above qualitative visualization shows the major words in the conversation supporting the SCOTUS ruling, as well as how they’re connected. The below qualitative visualization shows the major keyword themes in the conversation that disagrees with the Supreme Court’s decision.
ForSight Qualitative Visualization: SCOTUS on Obamacare
Each topic in the wheel represents a group of posts found to have similarities in text. Each group is then identified by a frequently mentioned word or short phrase that best describes how that group differs from the others.

The below demographic visualization show that conversation is happening across the country, but is dominated by the east coast. In addition, most of the Tweets have been generated by men.
ForSight Demographics Tab: SCOTUS on Obamacare
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