On Twitter, Obama Barely Edges Out Romney On Immigration

This post is part of our ongoing analysis of social sentiment and social media engagement regarding the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election.

This election year, immigration discussion is divisive and relevant: Arizona’s controversial anti-immigration law was recently upheld by the Supreme Court, and President Obama’s latest policy position on immigration took effect this week, allowing undocumented immigrant youth to work in the United States.
To get a better idea of who’s position the public would be more inclined to support, we conducted a ForSight™ analysis of nearly 7,900 opinions regarding the candidates’ positions on immigration.

At 33%, Twitter believes the President’s plan for immigration is more agreeable than that of Governor Romney. But with Romney at 32%, the President has a slim margin of favorability.
While the President’s plan calls for allowing undocumented youth to work in America and Governor Romney has said he’ll work toward “legal immigration”, neither has articulated a definitive long-term solution to the existing problem. While it may marginalize some of their constituents, Crimson Hexagon’s analysis indicates that each candidate stands to benefit from sharpening their rhetoric’s focus, if only to prove that they’re doing more than posturing.
Do you support or oppose the President’s immigration policy shift? If not, do you find the Governor’s alternative viable or is there a solution that has yet to be discussed? Let us know below or tweet us @crimsonhexagon.
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