New HootSuite App Brings ForSight Analytics to Monitoring and Engagement

Hootsuite social media management
We are thrilled to announce that we have released a Crimson Hexagon app for HootSuite. Now available to current customers of HootSuite and Crimson Hexagon, the app brings Crimson Hexagon’s social data analytics technology to HootSuite’s streams for smart filtering for social media monitoring, engagement, and workflow.
With the new HootSuite app, Crimson Hexagon’s data is easily streamed and filtered to view consumer conversation about your brand and products, and conversations about competitors, in real time. Customer service and marketing teams can stream brand mentions, including owned and earned media, and the app enables analysts to stream and view specific slices of conversations. Filters for gender, location, influence, sentiment, and opinion leveraging Crimson Hexagon’s social media analysis technologies support targeted and effective social media monitoring and engagement.
Several joint customers have used the app during its development phase. Top-notch digital analysts and marketers, including Nate Ludens at Digital Royalty, have given us great feedback on the value of the app across teams in enterprise companies, and have given us suggestions for future development.
Rather than asking you to take Nate’s word that “barriers are being broken down for unprecedented scalability of trained, trusted data,” we want to explain how the app works. The first step is to create a HootSuite stream with your social media analysis from ForSight. With a direct connection to Crimson Hexagon’s data library, you can stream posts from Facebook, Instagram, Google+, blogs, forums, consumer reviews, and our other content sources.
ForSight Hootsuite App 1 and 2
Using ForSight™ analytics to monitor conversations on Twitter, analysts can engage with specific types of consumers, high-influence authors, or authors of a certain location or gender. Crimson Hexagon’s access to the full Twitter firehose without limits on mentions ensures that analysts will see all owned and earned posts about their topic of interest.
Imagine you work on the Yuengling account for a digital and creative agency. You can use the Crimson Hexagon app to monitor all mentions of Yuengling and competitive beers, including mentions using the Twitter handle and those that mention the beer without using the handle.
ForSight Hootsuite App 3
Say Yuengling is running an ad campaign to appeal to women, and your agency wants to reinforce the campaign with outreach and promotions for women who are active on social media about Yuengling. Use Crimson Hexagon’s HootSuite app to identify women talking positively about your brand.
ForSight Hootsuite App 4 and 5
ForSight Hootsuite app 6
You may decide to identify high-influence women who Tweet enthusiastically about Yuegling. Again, it’s as easy as setting a filter and planning your outreach approach.
Forsight Hootsuite App 7

Earlier this year, we announced a new feature, Affinities™, to analyze the interest composition of audiences, and we recently added Instagram analysis to the ForSight platform. Today, we are tremendously excited to offer our customers social media analysis powered by ForSight in a HootSuite app to support smart, efficient monitoring and engagement. To learn more about this integration, please join HootSuite’s Kevin Zellmer and me for “Social Insight to Power Smart Engagement for the Enterprise,” a webinar on June 12.

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