New Crimson Hexagon Platform delivers personalized insights for every user

Today, we are introducing many enhancements to the Crimson Hexagon Platform – all designed to make it easier than ever for companies to understand how consumers are interacting with and reacting to their brand across digital channels. This democratization of social insights is critical in today’s landscape where customers can voice their opinions and experiences.
Every strategic decision-maker in an organization has a stake in the messages those customers are broadcasting. The streamlined user experience Crimson Hexagon is rolling out today will let users easily and more quickly derive insights, understand customers with real-time analytics and make better strategic decisions.
As an enterprise-wide solution, the Crimson Hexagon Platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to maximize insights and report on trending topics quickly. With a blend of text and image analytics, our customers get the most accurate representation of the voice of their customers available today. This is the path forward toward predictive modeling, and it’s the answer to the enterprise need for deeper, more accessible social analytics.
When users log into Crimson Hexagon today, they will find:

  •      An updated interface for a more cohesive product experience;
  •      A newly personalized platform homepage that provides an automatic newsfeed of insights;
  •      Quick access links that help you jump back into recent activity;
  •      New platform search functionality to quickly find monitors, dashboards and more throughout the platform;
  •      Updated dashboard functionality that allows users to pull in the metrics and research most applicable to their roles;
  •      Enhancements to HelioSight, including the integration of image analysis to quickly get strategic insights to those who need it;
  •      An enhanced API offering, which will enable users to pair social data with other unstructured data, such as call center scripts, support tickets, chat logs and more, giving them a more holistic picture of the customer experience;
  •      A new “Learn & Explore” tab that provides how-tos, videos and best practices to help users make the most of the platform; and
  •      Updated reporting functionality that allows users to discover and share monitors and reports across the organization, not just across departments.

Now available, the Crimson Hexagon Platform enhancements deliver quick insights, deep analysis, metrics tracking and report building. A personalized homepage will be the starting point for finding insights from Crimson Hexagon. From there, customers can quickly return to where they left off, discover new trends, and learn and explore best practices. The goal is to deliver not just data analytics, but meaningful, visual analysis and insights they might not have even thought to look for.
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