"Networks of Influence" With Translation & Elite Daily at NYC SMW 2015

Director of Analytics for Crimson Hexagon, Mitch Brooks, joined Head of Social Media for Translation, Marcus Collins, and CEO of Elite Daily, David Arabov, to discuss how networks drive behavior adoption at this week’s 2015 Social Media Week NYC.
You can see the event recording below:

Key takeaways include:

  • Traditional segmentation totally misses the mark (no one wakes up and says “I am a millennial”) – not to mention not all millenials are the same
  • Target audiences aren’t real – they’re fabricated. There are no social norms to target “audiences” because they’re not a network of actual people
  • Networks ARE made up of real people (friends, family, team members, frat brothers, roommates) & they do have social norms. Brands need to understand these relationships to tap into the power of the networks
  • Content becomes valuable when it’s shared by people we trust
    • No one sends a memo about “Throw-Back Thursday” explaining what it is and why people should participate. But we see our friends and family sharing these photos habitually on Thursdays, and suddenly we’re doing it too
    • People are getting their digital NYT content not from the NYT website, but on Facebook & Twitter from their people
  • We can collect data from individuals with similar interests & build a model on how the group interacts with itself (i.e. the network structure). We almost always find that there isn’t just one network, but that it’s many networks talking about a given topic for many different reasons
  • Influence only starts with reach. More importantly, influence is about the people who are important & relevant to the end individuals you’re looking to target

We are so excited to develop more tools around networks of influence, and we were glad to see that the audience at SMW was excited too:

For more information on the possibilities available through social data analysis, check out our study with client Socialtyze, on Fan Acquisition and Ad Targeting.

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