Microsoft Surface Garners Positive, Small Response

Last month, Microsoft unveiled its answer to Apple’s iPad: the Surface. It’s a foray into a crowded field dominated by Apple’s iPad.
Previous challengers, such as Blackberry’s Playbook and HP’s TouchPad, have failed to make any impact in the iPad’s market share.
Does the online conversation indicate that a worthy competitor has arrived?

Conversation surrounding Microsoft’s Surface was overwhelmingly positive, with some expressing their love and excitement for the product.

Others discussed features they thought made it superior to the iPad.

Though Microsoft’s perception as a legacy brand did factor into the discussion as well.

Additionally, our qualitative visualizer revealed broader themes of conversation, such as those surrounding the Type Cover, Surface’s operating system Metro, and the reaction of hardware partners to the announcement.

Each topic in the wheel represents a group of posts found to have similarities in text. Each group is then identified by a frequently mentioned word or short phrase that best describes how that group differs from the others.

To compare, we built a monitor on Apple’s launch of the new iPad. During a similar period of time, reactions to the new i-device were tepid at best. But Apple was able to draw much higher interest—during this comparable period, the new iPad conversation is more than 20 times the size of the discussion about Surface.

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