Microsoft is Beating Google, at least in the Battle for Hearts and Minds on Twitter

Microsoft. The Borg, right?
Not anymore, at least according to Vox Twitter on a host of recent issues.
It started with Bing, which a slim majority of Twitter-ers between June 29 and July 13 – but a majority nonetheless – generally liked:

Bing Opinion Monitor Chart
Bing Opinion Monitor Chart

Next came Google‘s Chrome OS announcement, which as discussed in a prior post, yielded an almost audible “meh” from vox Twitter. 19% of topical tweets between June 29 and July 13 were generally unimpressed, and the largest single theme of the conversation conveyed the sense that Chrome was no threat to the OS powers that be, foremost among which is Microsoft:
Chrome OS Opinion Monitor
Chrome OS Opinion Monitor

Yesterday’s response to Office 2010 is the clincher. A combined 71% of twitter traffic was positive for Microsoft. The nature of that positive response is interesting… 14% cited the free and online character of the offering, and 16% Microsoft’s innovation in the cloud. 1 in 5 expressed a variant of excitement and/or love for it, and 21% cited it, specifically, as a threat to Google:
If Twitter is, as some feel, a leading indicator of the fickle flows of sentiment among the influential digerati, the last few weeks may have witnessed a sea change with far reaching implications… both in Redmond, and in Mountain View.

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