Measuring Sponsorship Value at the Cannes Lions Festival

Cannes Lions Sponsorships and Influencers
The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, or Cannes Lions for short, is an event that draws some of the brightest minds in creative communications to Cannes, France for a week-long festival filled with learning and celebration. Attendees take advantage of workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities that are offered throughout the week as well as award ceremonies that honor the best creative ideas of the year, spanning 17 categories from traditional print to product design.
Cannes Lions has built relationships with a wide variety of partners who sponsor the Festival. Cannes Lions markets sponsorship opportunities by highlighting the unique composition of its audience and the diverse advertising platforms available. For instance,  Cannes Lions inspires networking within a broad spectrum of industries, benefiting attendees and partners, and attracts over 12,000 attendees who can be reached through traditional and unconventional branding opportunities. is also available year-round, attracting visitors who may be applying to enter the competition, interested in attending the Festival, or curious about upcoming events and opportunities.
While these features sound promising, businesses need more information in order to make an informed decision when deciding to sponsor an event like Cannes Lions. Social media analytics helps businesses that are looking to pursue or renew sponsorship deals, by offering comprehensive insights into the benefits experienced by current partners and those offered by the Festival itself. Measuring the in-person and digital participation in Cannes Lions provides key information for businesses to determine the value they can gain from a sponsorship deal.
This year, Cannes Lions is being held from June 15th to the 21st, and the official social media profile for the Festival, @Cannes_Lions, has been actively tweeting about the events taking place during the first 3 days of the Festival. Sent posts alone have earned 34 million potential impressions. Additionally, there have been over 9,000 mentions of the profile and over 2,400 Retweets that have contributed to an astounding 72,818 posts discussing Cannes Lions.
Measuring Cannes sponsorship engagement
Measuring volume by hour offers even more precise insights, illustrating how conversation parallels the different events at Cannes Lions.
Monitoring Cannes Lyons conversation volume
When looking at the topics of conversation, it appears as though one of the most prominent subject is Ogilvy, a reference to Ogilvy & Mathers, the international advertising, marketing, and public relations agency.  The agency has even created a hashtag, #OgilvyCannes, to publicize Cannes Lions, which offers followers frequent updates via the agency’s social media profile. Infographics appear to be the most popular methods of communication, making up a significant portion of the conversation. Other topics include Tuesday’s surprise speaker, Kanye West, and other seminars involving Adobe and Sir Patrick Stewart.

Looking at the most popular Tweets authored by @Cannes_Lions, also highlights successful engagement opportunities. Tweets discussing the conversation between Joanna Coles, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, and actress Sarah Jessica Parker, earned high total impressions as did a Tweet about Spotify, a sponsor of Cannes Lions and seminar topic.

Interestingly, a Tweet announcing that Kanye West would be speaking at Cannes Lions received a comparable number of Retweets and mentions,  which seems to be surprisingly low for a celebrity of his stature.
ForSight’s Affinities tool offers insights that help to explain the lack of hype. People discussing Cannes Lions are ½ as interested in hip-hop as the general Twitter population. This suggests that attendees would be less interested in hearing Kanye West than a celebrity in a field related to communications and advertising.
However, Kanye experienced a positive reception at Cannes Lions as he discussed his constant pursuit of excellence and beauty.

People talking about Cannes Lions are more likely to be interested in many topics that are ingrained into the Festival. They are 100 times more interested in advertising than the general Twitter audience, 25 times more interested in design, and 181 times more interested in digital media.
Measruing Affinities Cannes Lions
There are also a variety of brands that are more likely to be discussed by people engaged in the Cannes Lions conversation than the general Twitter audience. Interestingly, not all of these brands are sponsors of the Festival, and so an increased interest may signal a natural partnership. People discussing Cannes Lions have a strong interest in UPS, 36 times stronger than the general Twitter audience, as well as an interest in Mashable that is 42 times stronger and Linkedin, a partner, that is 27 times stronger.
People talking about Cannes Lions are also 5 times more interested in news and media than the general Twitter audience, good news for The Guardian and The Daily Mail, both partners of Cannes Lions. However, The Telegraph received the strongest interest of any general news source, 405 times greater than the general Twitter audience.
The strong interest in these British news sources parallels the demographics of the Cannes Lions audience. A significant presence in the UK in comparison to other countries would influence the expected affinities.
Cannes Lions Geographics Measuring Sponsorship and Influencers
Analysis of online presence of @Cannes_Lions and the buzz around the Festival, offers useful insights into the interests of participants, benefiting potential sponsors and the Festival. Strong engagement across the globe suggests that a social media presence has reached well beyond the Festival itself, and the array of interests signifies that the right audience is being reached. Analysis of partners’ social media profiles and a deeper look into interest segments related to Cannes Lions will provide specific information for businesses who want to engage with and sponsor this event.
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