McDonald's Shakes Up Its Advertising Strategy With #ChooseLovin

How social media help understand the success of McDonald's new campaign

All you need is love, or better yet some ‘lovin’. We all know it. The Beatles knew it, Mcdonald’s knows it and the good news is, they are not selfish about it. In fact, it’s the opposite mentality. The largest comfort food chain is spreading their “lovin” message far and wide. It’s reached Gotham with Batman and Joker, as well as under the sea, with SpongeBob and Plankton thanks to the new playful, smart, and creative commercial coming from innovative ad agency, Leo Burnett. It’s great to see our favorite superheroes, mavens and video game characters as the “lovin” ambassadors.

(video courtesy of YouTube)

The new commercial first aired on January 3rd and instantly went viral. But what made it such a hit with the audience?
McDonald’s is well-known for their unorthodox business and trailblazing advertising approaches. Now that they have teamed up with marketing gurus and visionaries at Leo Burnett, McDonald’s is ready to rejuvenate their brand affinity and deliver a fresher “lovin’” that is the center of the brand’s focus in the coming year.
With the premiere of their first commercial “Arch Enemies” igniting their new chapter, McDonald’s proved again that they are serious about “lovin’”. In a nod to the importance of social media, the video appeared not only on traditional media channels, but spoke that “lovin’” language via Snapchat, YouTube, and many other popular social media platforms as well.

Once social media got into the mix, our team at Crimson Hexagon (naturally) could not stay away. With great anticipation and excitement, we leveraged the prompt and powerful technology of our Buzz Monitor to zoom in on the conversations about the new ad in order to find out what the public thinks.

McDonald’s is shifting one of their core pillars from “Billions served” to “Billions heard” with the underlying title “Our food, Your questions”. With the new ad campaign we’re certain that McDonald’s really listened well to their customers!
Unbelievably, 87% of the conversation was strongly positive and audience could not stop gushing about how great the new commercial is. Some serious #lovin’ for McDonald’s and Leo Burnett right there!
Looking at the qualitative Explore results, the concept of the “Arch Enemies” resonated with the audience and scored positive associations with the well-known superheroes. McDonald’s can continue designing campaigns featuring the famous cartoon and pop culture characters in the future, with a likely advertising home run for their target audience (if their current #chooselovin performance is any indicator of future ad success).

Diving into crowd analysis and looking at the profile of the people who are talking about the latest “Mclovin’” commercial, we see that the major stream of chatter is coming from authors who have 7x greater interest in Advertising than the General McDonald’s conversation, with the News and Media affinity group at 4x greater than General McDonald’s. Users participating in this conversation were 3x more interested in Entrepreneurship, Design, and Comics.
‘The Jonas Brothers “ affinity resonates over 1,000 times , and cropping up as the most dominant differentiator against the compared General McDonald’s conversation, which is a bit of a surprise. We found out that the same group of speakers who are driving conversation about the new McDonald’s commercial and their immediate affinities are News & Media, Advertising and other themes, which represent marketing personas interested in novel and diverse topics from the ad industry. These are the people who were also talking about this past Monday about the Celebrity Apprentice episode where Kevin Jonas was sent home that evening. Understandably, McDonald’s and Donald Trump are equally the top topics to these business media experts.
Looking at the phenomenal success of the first of the new commercial series, McDonald’s is on the “lovin’” mission and it is far from impossible. After a couple of difficult publicity battles, they are on their way to shaking things up – positively – once more. With help from the right partners and public relations image, McDonalds will be flourishing financially, with powerful ideas. The secret sauce that has helped put McDonald’s back on the map has simple but powerful ingredients: #neverbestalwaysbetter, listening to customer conversations and feedback, and doing what the company promised – to “Choose Lovin’”.

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