Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Who Participated on Social?

In the weeks leading up to the event, many described it as the most anticipated fight of the century. The long-awaited boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao took place on Saturday, May 2nd, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Estimated revenues for the two boxers combined for a staggering $280 million. With such an extreme level of publicity surrounding the event, we were sure that social media would be buzzing with conversation, so we decided to take a look at the data.
In the week leading up to the event, we saw a steady increase in post volume, totalling nearly 1.3 million tweets. The day of the match, however, post volume skyrocketed, amassing almost 10 million posts on Twitter. Mayweather was the clear king of the fight on social media, with over 6.2 million mentions, more than doubling Pacquiao’s presence at just over 3 million. Of the top account mentions in the week leading up to the fight, the social media app, Shots, was the highest mentioned due to Mayweather’s use of the app as a promo and fan engagement tool. 
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Aside from the news reporting outlets posting about the fight on social media, what other major influencers tuned into the fight? Perhaps the most influential and well-known celebrity was Justin Bieber, who showed his appreciation for both boxers, but ultimately his support for Mayweather to win the fight. Other top contributors included Mitt Romney, Maria Shriver, and Missy Elliott.
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Looking at who was a part of the conversation on social media we see that males were the major driver, generating 65% of the overall conversation, with females at 35%. Social users 17 and younger accounted for 28% of the conversation, users 18 to 34 accounted for 40%, and users 35 and above accounted for the remaining 32% of posts. The cities with the highest post volumes around the world were Manila, which controlled 18.1% of post volume, NYC with 7.3%, LA with just under 6.9%, Mexico City with 3.5%, and Buenos Aires with 3.3%.
Mayweather Pacquiao social media demographicsUsing Crimson’s Affinities™ analysis tool, we looked at the interests of social users who mentioned the two boxers on Twitter. Those posting about the event on social media were 62 times more interested in Celebrities, 16 times more interested in Univision, and 3 times more interested in the NFL and R&B music, compared against the general Twitter audience. Users are also 6 times less interested in Science and Technology, 3 times less interested in Soccer, Video Games, and Health, and 2 times less interested in Fashion, compared against the general Twitter audience.
Mayweather Pacquiao affinitiesMajor events such as this allow marketers to gather valuable consumer insights that can be used to inform media planning, engagement strategies, and other marketing tactics. To learn more about how you can gain valuable audience insights that will benefit your business decisions, take a look at our social analysis with digital agency Translation  on the Brooklyn Nets.

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