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We Think We Are Great, And Our Customers Do Too

You already know that we think the Crimson Hexagon ForSight platform is the very best social media analytics software on the market.  But what do people outside the company who use the platform everyday actually think of it?
We are proud that several customers have recently published their opinions about our platform and we are thrilled to make their blogs available to you here.  These reviews are noteworthy because they took the time to compare lots of other players in our market, rather than considering Crimson Hexagon in isolation.
Honestly, we’re blushing a bit.  Read on.
Here is an excerpt from the blog Becky Heard wrote.  Becky works for Indicia, an insight-driven digital marketing agency based in the UK.  They do work for Nissan, TGI Fridays, and many others.
Indicia Customer Engagement

“The Quest to Find the Perfect Social Media Monitoring Tool”

Without getting too technical, Crimson is able to refine their results based on their context and content. In other words, semantic technology is able to understand the difference between “Crocs” the shoes or “crocs” the reptile – so you get much less irrelevant “noise”. This also means that the posts pulled in are 97% accurate VS. 70% of traditional keyword tools.”Another great thing about Crimson is that you can go beyond traditional sentiment analysis ? which measures whether a post is generally positive, or generally negative. Instead, you’re able to breakdown this sentiment into more refined categories and understand exactly what people think about a brand. For example, when looking at why people love about a certain car, we could break down the positive sentiment into ‘reliability,’ ‘design/style,’ ‘safety’ and ‘tech’, which gave us a lot deeper, more accurate insights than keyword sentiment tools which basically just tells you the weighting of positive comments vs. negative or neutral.
Overall rating: a spectacular 9/10

Read Becky’s complete social media monitoring review here:
We are also quite proud of this perspective from Rick Joyce, CMO of the Perseus Books Group. Here is an excerpt from Rick’s blog.
Faber Factory uses Crimson Hexagon social media monitoring tools

Be a Good Listener: The Power of Social Media Monitoring

For the past few years, the Perseus Books Group has been experimenting with and evaluating tools designed to monitor and analyze social media – i.e. what’s happening on Twitter and on Facebook, on blogs and on traditional media websites, in forums and in reviews, and even through comments on YouTube. Unlike a Google search, these social listening tools have powerful analytic capabilities – they can rank posts by factors like the source’s level of influence, they combine results from different networks, and can slice the data in a myriad of ways, all within a single platform. We have selected ForSight, from Crimson Hexagon, as the best tool we have found to efficiently and effectively analyze social media.”

Read Rick’s complete perspective here: ?
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