Malcolm Butler's Rise to Social Stardom After His Epic Catch

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In the final seconds of Super Bowl XLIX, New England Patriots’ cornerback Malcolm Butler went from no-name, undrafted rookie to Boston sports legend when he picked off Russell Wilson and locked up his team’s forth Lombardi Trophy in the last 14 years.
On September 7, 2014, Butler made his NFL debut when the Pats kicked off their season in Miami and had a mortal Twitter following of 520. The 24-year-old defensive back saw action in 11 games throughout the season, racking up just 18 tackles and no interceptions.
Despite his lack of impact as the year progressed, he managed to gain 1,337 followers by the morning of the Super Bowl. By Tuesday, that number grew to 43,024 after he won the game and the hearts of Pats fans all over the world.
Butler’s 43k and growing list of followers is undeniably impressive, but he’s still got a long way to go to catch-up with Brandon Browner (109K followers), Darrelle Revis (435K) and of course, Richard Sherman (1.29M).
From Sunday to Tuesday, Butler had 30,123 total engagements (retweets, replies and mentions), which is 4,322% more than he received the entire season.
While Malcolm Butler was the hero on Sunday, Indianapolis Colts defensive back Darius Butler also got quite a bit of attention in the days after the Super Bowl, with a lot of fans confusing the two players. Interestingly enough, Darius Butler was in the spotlight just a few weeks ago, after his team lost to the Pats in the infamous “Deflategate” game. Once the news leaked that New England may have been playing with intentionally deflated footballs, he sent out the following tweet:

Darius Butler’s tweet resulted in 5,882 total engagements on January 21. After Malcolm’s big moment on Sunday, Darius had 4,665 engagements from Sunday to Tuesday.

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