Looking to the Future for Data: Twitter’s Move to Direct Data Relationships

The social data landscape is shifting yet again.
As Twitter announced yesterday from its Gnip blog, information is most reliable when it comes from the original source. Twitter acquired data reseller Gnip last November, and with that change, set a precedent that data is most dependable when served from social platforms themselves. Yesterday, Twitter announced that it would transition everyone receiving raw data for commercial use from other data resellers to a direct relationship with Twitter. The change in Twitter’s partner ecosystem helps the company foster the most direct data relationships for the market to enable brands to make better business decisions based on reliable data.
As a certified Twitter partner, Crimson Hexagon continues to act as a direct data consumer of Twitter, and will continue to supply our customers with Twitter data without any change or interruption.
Gnip is now the strategic data reseller arm of Twitter, and we remain strategic partners within this data ecosystem. For Crimson Hexagon customers, our close relationship with Twitter translates into informed growth for our product and our support teams. We strive to provide users with the best solutions possible, built with the strong foundational data you can rely on.
Even as data accessibility shifts, Crimson Hexagon continues to be one of the most strategic analytics platforms for the social data marketplace. Brands and agencies across verticals rely on ForSight to improve a variety of marketing and organizational activities from advertising buys to consumer research to brand messaging to inbound marketing campaigns and more. We look forward to the continued growth and evolution of this market, as social data continues to be one of the most valuable data technology ecosystems for leading brands and enterprises.

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