Introducing Live Stream for Real-Time Social Media Monitoring

Crimson Hexagon just released the Live Stream capability to complement historical opinion analysis

Social media conversation can change in an instant. Brand managers and social media analysts know that they must monitor what is happening now regarding their brands, products, and services on social media.
This week, we released the Live Stream capability to complement historical opinion analysis. The Live Stream features three main components: a running post list, live map, and hourly volume graph.
The post list displays posts and tweets that you want to monitor and measure with your keywords.  When a post populates the list, the live map registers where the post originates and indicates, with size of the “splash” on the screen, the relative influence of the author, based on the author’s Klout score. The volume graph indicates the volume of posts matching your keywords over the past 24 hours, putting the live stream of posts into perspective of the past day.
Hulu Live Stream Volume for Social Monitoring
The Live Stream of Hulu, the online television and video streaming service, shows the pattern of engagement with Hulu on Twitter over a 24-hour time frame. Unsurprisingly, tweets about Hulu increase in the evening viewing hours. Perhaps surprisingly, on May 8, conversation about Hulu increases to prime-time viewing levels at noon on the East Coast. Is Hulu sufficiently reaching out to their lunchtime viewing and tweeting crowd?
Hulu Live Stream Post List
The Post List captured at the end of the lunch hour on the East Coast shows some of lunchtime chatter about Hulu, about what people are watching now or look forward to watching later. The map shows where the authors displayed in the Live Stream post list are located. At this hour, the Rocky Mountain region does not have many posts about Hulu, whereas there are posts coming from the coasts and Midwest.

Hulu Live Map for social media monitoring

Live Stream premiered this week, and we’re excited to hear stories from users about how the Live Stream supports their social media monitoring and reporting. Please share your stories @crimsonhexagon, and, as always, be in touch if you have questions or suggestions as we continue to enhance ForSight’s monitoring and analytic capacities.

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