Leveraging the Crimson Hexagon API for Business Intelligence

The real value of our API lies within the opportunities it provides for integrating our social data analytics within the business context of our clients. Companies now having the ability to utilize and integrate two (previously) separate systems to approach problems in a new way, will improve and expand their capabilities with our API.
While the Crimson Hexagon platform provides our users with the tools needed to answer pertinent business questions via social data, the API provides the capability of answering these questions in another, more tailored approach.
The ability to gather and manipulate processed data allows users to extend our software’s capability to better align with the specific needs they have in their business. In taking advantage of our API, it becomes possible for our clients to incorporate the analysis of our algorithms into a host of other systems. This includes the capability of feeding social insights data into other visualization software to better track trends and topics in the context of other business data sources.
This capability is complemented in the fact that users can also take advantage of our API in the inverse, i.e. they can upload their own proprietary data, extending our analytics capabilities to other data sets. Examples where this can be applied are: call center transcripts, survey data, product reviews, and essentially any textual data set in which we intend to extract meaning from.   
Utilizing the output of our algorithm’s analysis on their own proprietary data set, users can extract the insights of a natural language processor with the same ease in which they would run an analysis on any of our preexisting data sources.  In this way, the Crimson API provides the power to structure and extract meaning from what was only a very large set of seemingly meaningless data.
Crimson’s analytics extend deeper value through the API to improve and compare for excellence insights across other many business environments.
At Crimson Hexagon, we know that clients depend on the features of our API as a solution and answer to the many questions which invariably arise in any business context. As a company, we took an active role in planning and developing our API per our clients’ requests, to provide them with the tools necessary to approach any questions which they need answered (at whatever analytics depths they need to pursue those insights).  
Our API is the focus of continued development: we’re actively developing the ability to receive volume and sentiment on a dynamic query, as well as an increased API feature set that included more approachable integrations.
Bell Pottinger used the Crimson Hexagon API to combine social media insights from the UK general election with their in-house geopolitical expertise.  The result was a live microsite in the run up to the election featuring articles written by Bell Pottinger’s experts, focusing on the key topics that mattered to voters.
To learn more, we invite you to review our case study on combining social data with in-house expertise.

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