Lenovo Targets Millennials with Their Take on #GoodWeird

Taking Over an Existing Conversation to Build Your Integrated Campaign

It’s good…but weird, you know, good weird. At least that’s the hope at Lenovo, where the goal is to convert a subset of millennials that they call design trendsetters. To achieve this, the brand has launched a new, integrated marketing campaign adopting the hashtag #GoodWeird to showcase their YOGA line of products. They want consumers to associate Lenovo with the idea of good weird: “At Lenovo, we believe in being different to be better, and embracing all that’s different and unique in the world. It inspires us to try new things, to innovate, to be a little weird. It’s a state of mind we like to call #Goodweird.”

So, is it working? Is Lenovo winning over innovative millennials? Is Lenovo synonymous with GoodWeird?
How does the campaign resonate with #GoodWeird discussion? Has Lenovo taken over the hashtag?
We can see that since the campaign got traction on Twitter (8/14/15), there have been 14,490 tweets, and an overwhelming 1,288% increase in #GoodWeird conversation over the course of the campaign. But can this increase be attributed to Lenovo?
Top retweets for #GoodWeird conversation before and after the campaign paint a striking picture. Lenovo has taken over the landscape of #GoodWeird conversation on Twitter—all of the top retweets for #GoodWeird discussion being about the Lenovo #GoodWeird campaign.
So how are the #GoodWeird discussers engaging? What specifically is driving response to the campaign?
Looking at these same top retweets, we can see that the top retweet with over 1,900 retweets, was the Lenovo #GoodWeird “Pioneers” commercial (see above tweet). The next largest driver of retweeting behavior is suggestions and examples of #GoodWeird. Beyond this, we can even begin to see a more organic level of engagement when fans were not just retweeting Lenovo’s examples of #GoodWeird, but were sharing what #GoodWeird means to them, which Lenovo then repurposed and shared. 
Furthermore, Lenovo is incorporating others into their campaign creation, calling on artists and trendsetters to help help craft their creative. This can be seen through the work of a Philadelphia artist who works with Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program:

We can begin to see this collaboration more clearly still through the top hashtags and mentions for the campaign. Here, we can see that after #goodweird, #collab is the second highest hashtag. Looking to the top mentions, we can see a number of social media personalities being discussed, (such as @eeoneguy, @purpdrank, @alxjames10, and @thegabbieshow) and even showing which collaborations got the most response from other social users.
This is again another source of advertising collateral for Lenovo, letting Lenovo tap into the power of social, social media personalities and vloggers who have a large following. Users responded equally as highly to a GIF created by @eeoneguy and a vine video from @purpdrank.

Looking to Tumblr, the fastest growing platform for millenniaIs, can we see a similar collaborative engagement?
Over the last year alone, there have been more than 193k posts on Tumblr about Lenovo and Lenovo products. We can even see that the Lenovo YOGA products are receiving attention in this discussion. Even better, by breaking down the topics of discussion over time, we can see which topics resonate and when,  also seeing that Lenovo discussion on Tumblr has increased by 85% in the last year.
Tumblr-Topics-of-Discussion-on-Lenovo-and-ProductsThis is a perfect opportunity for Lenovo to take an active role on Tumblr, publishing out their additional creative to an audience primed for the #GoodWeird conversation with interests in content creation and personal computers and tablets (in the last year alone there were over 51 million posts on Tumblr about personal computers, laptops, and tablets). Just as Lenovo incorporated the work of artists and vloggers on Twitter, Lenovo could reach out to bloggers on Tumblr to share their versions of #GoodWeird and to collaborate on building innovative collateral.
Brand Impact of #GoodWeird Discussion
Looking at overall brand discussion, we can see that #goodweird is the third highest hashtag for brand discussion with more than 10,000 retweets, coming in just after #deals with more than 13,000. Additionally, we can see that the top brand retweet for the conversation refers to the “Pioneers” GoodWeird commercial.
Lenovo-Brand-Top-Retweets-and-HashtagsSo are millennials engaging with the campaign, and how does this relate to brand audience? Is Lenovo engaging a new subset of consumers who will pick up and proliferate the idea that Lenovo is #GoodWeird?
Looking comparatively at the interests of brand discussers and campaign discussers, we can see a crucial overlap in interest in advertising, design, writing and gadgets. However, we can see through the interests falling to the right side of the graphic, that the new campaign audience also has crucial differentiating interests in YouTube, Colleges and Universities, Celebrities, Soccer, MTV, Disney, One Direction, The X Factor, and Snapchat. This campaign audience is 27 times more interested in Snapchat than general brand customers.
Affinities Brand to Campaign 2014-01-01 to 2015-10-04
Through mining organic conversation in the context of audience insights, we can see that Lenovo’s integrated collaborative campaign is extending beyond typical brand audience to convert fans in the wider millennial sector, specifically millennials who are also interested in design and creative content—what we might even call the “design trendsetters.” Through insights such as these, we can see the value for brands in targeting collaboration across all social platforms, increasing their yields of rich, high value content which customers will flock to and share, especially across Tumblr, which thrives on highly-visual, design focused creative.

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