Languages in social media: A solution for global businesses that value local insights

It’s no news that organisations around the world have turned to social media to stay in tune with their target audiences. But challenges arise when those audiences are sharing their opinions and interests in their local languages.
For organisations needing to tap into local insights they need the right social analytics partner, that can provide analysis across any language.
The Crimson Hexagon platform provides two different types of language analysis:

  • Automated analysis across 12 languages: a quick assessment of whether sentiment is positive, negative or neutral for immediate needs.
  • In-depth opinion analysis across any language or dialect: using our patented technology to derive meaning from social media media conversation through machine learning and statistical pattern recognition.

For organisations in countries with less mainstream languages the advantages of getting insights from social media in any language are obvious.
But for global organisations, or companies wanting to expand into a new market, the benefits are no less marked.
Timo Luege from ACAPS partnered with Crimson Hexagon when analysing social media conversations surrounding the earthquake in Nepal earlier this year. Timo said: “We chose Crimson Hexagon because it was the social media insights platform that best met our needs to analyse Nepalese language content.”
Another example is the United Nations Global Goals initiative, a project ran by Project Everyone who relied on social insights to be able to see how far and wide the campaign was reaching: “Crimson Hexagon’s language agnostic capabilities and unlimited data made them our first choice to cover the social media analysis of The Global Goals. With their help, we will know how far the campaign has spread across the world, against our ambition of reaching 7 billion people in 7 days across all of our activities” said Katie Bradford, Director of Operations at Project Everyone.
For more information on how Crimson’s language capabilities can benefit your organisation, please download the datasheet.

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