Jon Stewart Has 451% Worth of Fun with Twitter

It’s fair to say we were pleased when CNN aired our analysis of Twitter’s reaction to the State of the Union address.
We were thrilled when the Huffington Post quoted CNN SVP David Bohrman as saying, “This is light-years beyond what we’ve done”
So imagine our delight when Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show picked up the story in last night’s show.† (See 2:15)

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Well, sort of.† He may have in fact said, “I’ve never seen a situation where more information helped me understand less.”
But hey, it was 75 seconds of a pretty packed 22 minutes, maybe people forgot about it? We turned to Twitter (of course) to find out.


Based on Tweets from today, Stewart’s (4 minutes long) take on Chris Matthews’s momentary venture into 1932 was the star of show, with 32% of total praise. In contrast, Stewart’s segment on our analysis barely drew more attention than Doris Kearns’s interview (5 min) with a scant 12%. That’s just a fraction of the total humor produced on that show.
Of course, per second of screen time, Stewart’s Twitter rant generated 28% more praise than his comments on Matthews and 451% more than his interview with Kearns. So maybe it was funny, after all. What was that again about having more information?

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