Iron Man 2 Gets a Superhero's Welcome on Twitter

It’s been a week since Iron Man 2 hit theaters, and the cinematic stylings of Tony Stark and the Black Widow have ensured the film a spot in Twitter’s top trending topics. We decided to turn our Opinion technology loose on the Tweets to find out what people are saying about the movie. Here’s what we found:

Clearly, Twitter digs the movie. However, if we eliminate the “Loved It!” category and just look at the rest of the conversation, we can dig a little deeper into what’s going on here:

One thing we noticed is the amount of people watching the movie online is volatile. A little bit of reading clued us in to the fact that many people have been watching the film on a site called MoviePoint. MoviePoint had Iron Man 2 removed recently; care to guess when?
Another thing we noticed is that the percentage of people who didn’t like the movie has been slowly trending upward since its release. One possibility here is that people who chose to see the movie early on were self-selecting for being likely to enjoy it.
As always, we’ll continue monitoring the topic for interesting trends. In the meantime, feel free to drop us a line at

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