6 Must-Reads About Instagram’s Upcoming API Changes

On December 11th, the photo-first social network will deprecate most of its pre-acquisition Platform API in favor of its post-acquisition Graph API — here are 6 great articles about what this means for marketers, agencies, and more.


Businesses on Instagram Will Still Be Able to Search Hashtags on a Limited Basis (10/18)

A short article about Instagram’s October 31 announcement that a scaled-down version of hashtag search will be available in the Graph API.  

Choice line: “Software engineer Namrita Pandita revealed in a blog post that a new hashtag search function was added to the Instagram Graph API, giving businesses the ability to find public photos and videos that were tagged with hashtags that are relevant to their business profiles.”


The new Instagram Graph API: What marketers need to know (8/18)

What do Instagram’s impeding API changes mean for marketers? According to Bazaarvoice, the new changes will affect the way brands execute campaigns on the image-first social media platform.

Choice line: “Brands focused on visual content collection have historically run marketing campaigns to engage their audience with a hashtag call to action when posting photos and videos. Given the new requirements, brands should promote mentions of their Instagram username, in addition to the campaign specific hashtag.”


How the new Instagram Graph API is changing social media marketing (8/18)

A marketing-focused look at the implications of Instagram’s Graph API changes, as well as a clear run through of the specific changes themselves.

Choice line: “While the deprecation of the old Instagram API may have put a damper on the most data-driven marketing campaigns, the new APIs and features present more than enough opportunities for savvy social media marketers to adapt and continue to grow their campaigns with the platform.”


Facebook restricts APIs, axes old Instagram platform amidst scandals (4/18)

A good primer on Instagram’s recent changes, the company’s reasoning behind them, and the way they relate to Facebook’s larger privacy issues.

Choice line: “The December 11th, 2018 deprecation of public content reading APIs and the 2020 deprecation of basic profile into APIs will happen as scheduled, but it’s implemented rate limit reductions on them now.”


Get ready for new Instagram Graph API (4/18)

How should developers prepare for Instagram’s impending shift to the Graph API? According to Elfsight, preparing in advance and working proactively with any partners, plugins or other integrators will help you prevent any unwelcome surprises to your workflow.

Choice line: “A responsible developer is the one who is prepared for upcoming changes in advance and who will try to adjust the product with minimal inconvenience for the customer.”

Crimson Hexagon

Understanding Instagram’s API Changes (4/18)

Ok, this one comes from our own CTO, but we think it’s an especially important look at the broader picture: what can brands and agencies do to fill the gap once Instagram’s API access is limited?

Choice line: “As the landscape of social media data continues to undergo changes, it is more important than ever for brands to diversify the dataset they are using to understand their consumers as much as possible. Other sources of public data such as forums, blogs, news sources and review sites are now more essential than ever.”



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