Instagram Announces Hashtag Search on the Graph API

Businesses will still be able to analyze hashtags after deprecation of the Platform API

Great news for our customers and for social listening!

“Today, we are launching a new Hashtag Search feature for Businesses on Instagram. With this new feature, businesses will still be able to discover content, measure the reach of their marketing campaigns, and understand public sentiment around their brand.”

-Facebook Developer Blog, Oct. 31st 2018

For years, hashtagged Instagram posts have been a valuable source of consumer insight for our customers. With the deprecation of hashtag search on the Platform API planned for December 11th of this year and no replacement on the horizon, many were concerned that these insights would disappear.

Yesterday’s announcement puts those fears to rest. We’re thrilled that the Instagram Platform team has found a way to respect the privacy of their users while recognizing that public posts with hashtags are meant to be seen.

The new hashtag search isn’t identical to the one planned for deprecation, so the switch will impact both the type of user that can request data and how broad those requests can be. We’re hosting a public webinar on November 29th at 11:00 AM EST to explain the nature of the changes and how they impact Crimson Hexagon users, so watch this space!

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