How to Improve Your Next Marketing Campaign with Image Analysis

Image analytics can help with everything from creative to measurement

Smart marketers know that “social listening” is a powerful way to understand your audience and their opinions and preferences. But your audience is increasingly using images to communicate online. That means you need to incorporate image analysis into your social listening strategy to tap into the full conversation. But beyond seeing the big picture, image analysis provides some unique ways to can supercharge your next marketing campaign.
With image analysis, marketers can:

  • Get inspiration from real customers using your products
  • Track campaign images across channels
  • Improve influencer selection and tracking
  • See how campaigns impact social images containing your brand


Get inspiration from real customers using your products

Pictures are worth more than a thousand words when it comes to understanding how your customers are using your products. Photo evidence of how your products are actually being used, whether or not your brand/product name is mentioned, provides a powerful way to gain insights on how to structure and execute your marketing campaigns. Image analysis with AI categorizes the images for you to by the objects, scenes, and actions within the images and what’s currently trending, making it easy to find images that inspire your creative team.
I can already picture an Apple ad showing a montage of HomePods surrounded by fan posters of musical artists.

Track campaign imagry across channels

If you manage to create a popular campaign that gains a life of its own, it can be challenging to track how people are talking about it across channels. People may use all sorts of different words, phrases, and hashtags when they post images related to your campaign, but image analysis can help you track them across channels whether or not they use a specific set of keywords.
For example, Bud Light’s viral “dilly dilly” campaign has spread far beyond direct discussion of the advertisements or Bud Light. With image analysis, Bud Light could track the use of imagery from the commercials in addition to the use of “dilly dilly” in social conversation.

Improve influencer selection and tracking

How do you identify potential influencers for your campaigns? In the past, the only way to use analytics to identify influencers was to analyzing the text and the volume associated with posts and accounts.
Image analysis completely changes the game for influencer marketing. It’s far more important to identify influencers through the images they share instead of the text accompanying those images. Image analysis allows you look at visual metrics like how often a person posts images that are related to your brand. That means if your brand sells running shoes, you can identify the most popular social images that contain things like running (action), running shoes (object), or road races (scene). Looking directly at popular images that relate to your brand will make the process of identifying influencers faster while helping you uncover influencers you would have otherwise missed.
Adidas isn’t mentioned in the text, but image analysis can identify the logo, the action (fitness), and the scene (outdoors). Further analysis of the user’s images could reveal an influencer opportunity.

See how campaigns impact social images containing your brand

For more on how image analytics can help your marketing campaigns, download our free guide: Image Analytics: The Future of Social Listening

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