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10 free tools you can use right now!

Maybe you’re a small company looking for an edge that doesn’t break your budget. Or a larger one just curious about what the analytics market has to offer in the way of freebies. Well, whatever the case, there are plenty of free insights tools out there. And the crew at Crimson Hexagon has pulled together this list of its top picks.
Of course, you can’t go wrong with Google. They have plenty of free tools and we’ve included some of those. But be brave! Check out some of the others.

3. Klout

Explore, identify, and categorize influencers. Some folks love Klout. Others, not so much. See what you think. Kred is a similar tool.

4. Google Surveys

Find out more about the opinions and preferences of your target audience. Not completely free but very reasonable — pricing starts at 10-cents per completed survey — and easy to use.

5. Google Trends

What is your audience interested in? How are their tastes evolving over time? You can find out using Google Trends.

6. Google Analytics

The most popular “freemium” website tracking tool. Learn who’s visiting your site, when and where they go, and how long they stay.

7. Website Grader

For a fast take on your website, try HubSpot’s website grader. They also have a bunch of other free tools.

8. Facebook Analytics

An analytics solution for your iOS and Android mobile apps, mobile and desktop websites, and your Bots for Messenger. Understand your customer journey across all channels.

9. Ubersuggest

Does your site use auto suggest? Is it a global site? Ubersuggest helps make sure that your site’s auto suggest works well in different countries. Not customer insights — more like customer irritation avoidance.

10. YouTube Analytics

Do you use YouTube videos in your customer marketing? Who’s watching them and how often? With YouTube analytics you can find that out and a lot more.
There’s plenty to learn about your audience from social media. And you can start today with these free tools. And while you’re at it, visit our social media glossary. Want to know what “action recognition” or “dark social” means? We’ve got you covered.

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