Image Analysis Turns Lens on Previously Undetected Brand Value [Product Vision]

In a nostalgic recollection of Mad Men‘s indelible carousel “wheel” pitch, Don Draper said:
“…technology is a glaring lure, but there is a rare occasion when the public can be engaged beyond flash, when they have a sentimental bond with the product.”

It’s true: when logos are woven into the fabric of a conversation through the sharing of photos, brands make more authentic, emotional impressions and “own” those unique moments in time.

In the case of Monster Energy drinks, the 2015 Belmont Stakes was once such moment in time. The brand sponsored the American Pharaoh team, and the historic Triple Crown moment garnered 240,000 tweets in the first 15 minutes after the race alone and hundreds of thousands more mentions across mainstream news Social outlets’ coverage. From the brand perspective, that prompts a question: what was a Triple Crown winning season worth to Monster Energy drinks’ “Share of Eye”, and moreover, what was the value of their logo impressions over Social? Both are worthwhile questions to explore in the measuring of ROI.


So, why Image Analysis?

Identifying brand logos in images is about more than boosting your vanity metrics and total impression numbers. Photos let us share meaningful moments in ways that words often can’t – that’s why they’re so popular on Social platforms. When a brand is consistently part of these shared moments, it’s a powerful statement about the brand’s value.
Today, 60% of Digital impressions are image-driven and 85% of Social posts including logos lack any brand-relevant text. This means that queries based on keywords alone fall well short of capturing all that’s being shared about a given brand in Social conversation. At Crimson Hexagon, we’re excited about discovering ways that Image Analysis can deliver new insight to our customers.

How does logo detection work?

Coupled with our other quantified data for audience analysis, Crimson Hexagon’s image recognition technology now captures, measures, and delivers deeper context to brand impressions with “share of eye” insights. Crimson started experimenting with off-the-shelf solutions found in many public computer vision libraries. This got the ball rolling in the evolution of a customized unique classifier, which improved our results dramatically by leveraging each algorithm’s unique strengths.

brands image 1

Crimson Hexagon has always been a leader in capturing and analyzing explicit, text-based conversation around a brand. But by drawing association of the sharing of brands in meaningful moments, Crimson now provides a more holistic view for tracking brands total value.
Or, in the words of Mr. Draper, captures the bond with brands.
For more information about Crimson Hexagon’s social media analytics platform and the image analysis capabilities, view our press release here.

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